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Forum News And Annoncements
These are the few and simple rules and must be followed at all times
Staff Only!
Have you been a naughty member? The staff only can access this forum to get information on bannings and warnings ect.
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Forum Requests
New Sections
Please post here if you would like any new catagorys or topics. Please follow the rules
Staff Suggestions
Only staff can post here. Post things that will make staffing the forum easier. Do not post new catagorys/topics suggestions here.
General Chat
Chat about anything here, that you dont think belongs in any other topic.
Introduce Yourself
Are you new here? You are...? Tell us about yourself here!
You Decide Link Exchange
Please PM an administrator to have your link displayed here. RULES UPDATED.
Forum Games
Back by popular demand. Only moderators and administrators may post new games to tackle spam.
News And World Events
Alien Active!
If you believe in Aliens or ET life, post about them here, you can also post about the issues with NASA ect.
Enviromental Issues
If you are worried about the fact that the o-zone is disappearing at an alarming rate, or the polar ice caps are melting, discuss it here.
Movies Chat
Chat about movies here.
Gaming Chat
Chat about Gaming here.
Television Chat
Chat about Television here.
Music Chat
Chat about Music here.
IT And Computing Chat
Discuss anything computers here
Sport Chat
Discuss your favourite team, argue about the football, type over the tennis. Just chat sport here!
Football Fan? Discuss the match here!
Formula 1 (Grand Prix)
Zoom! Like Cars? Love F1? Chat about the sport that is F1 here.
Sports Entertainment
Wrestling, Boxing and other physical entertainment sports can be discussed here.
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